Powder Club – Children Ski Course in Cortina d’Ampezzo (Dolomites)

Powder Club

An amazing, 360-degree children ski course in the Heart of the Dolomites


Children Ski Courses in Cortina d’Ampezzo, Dolomites UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site


My Powder Club is a special ski course I conceived years ago bearing in mind the specific needs of children approaching the world of alpine skiing and backcountry skiing and the fusion between the most modern and the established skiing techinques in order to offer to my little Customers an excellent series of ski lessons which are useful, interesting and amusing at the same time; the main aim of my Powder Club is to teach my little students how to ski in the best way in every snow situation, both on ski slopes as well as off-piste, and how to do it in complete safety under my constant supervision. Powder Club is a way to inspire children and to grow their confidence in their own skiing abilities, as well as to teach them to respect mountain and to how to face possible dangers, turning them into expert skiers.

The ideal setting of my Powder Club ski courses is the 5 Torri ski area in Cortina d’Ampezzo (Dolomiti SuperSki) where I work as a professional Ski Instructor for the greatest part of the winter season, but I can arrange this ski course all over the Alps and even further; as a young and daring skier, I have faced a lot of different situations all over the world (in my career I had the occasion to ski in Japan, Norway, Austria, France, Switzerland, Sweden and other countries) alone and with my customers, and I dare saying I can have complete control over my students in every situation. The Powder Club ski course is addressed ideally to children between the age of 10 and 17 years old, but I can arrange them also for younger skiers or older customers, so feel free to contact me for different needs or just for additional information.




My Powder Club is something I offer for years now, a specific ski course for children which I have studied and perfected all over my career bearing in mind all the different needs of children. Since we’re taliking about a targeted and tailor-made ski course, my students can be no more than 8 per course; this means that places are limited. For information about my calender, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Being a professional and qualified Ski Instructor with a great experience and illustrious customers, I consider myself responsible for the safety of my students and when I teach I always focus on maintaining the utmost level of safety and control. If my customers are good at skiing and if they ask me for something which can be challenging or even dangerous (like heliskiing or high-altitude expeditions), I choose always to be accompanied by a professional Mountain Guide, as also require by law in Italy.

In addition to regular skiing lessons, both on the groomed slopes as well as on off-piste grounds, I usually take my students to the nearest snowpark for a freestyle day; this helps young skiers to gain confidence with jumps and speed, focusing on precision while skiing. Of course, I always bear in mind the specific skills of every student, so that to assure in every situation safety and fun for the participants.

Participants to the Powder Club will be provided with a Safety Backpack containing safety equipment, the same required by law in the European Union for ski mountaineering: ARTVA Avalnance Transceiver, shovel and probe; I can provide my students also with specific equiment for every lesson, as twin-tip skis and helmets, for instance.




My Powder Club is a week of high-level skiing improvement; I usually follow a program based on my needs as a ski instuctor determined to achieve specific teaching goals, but this structure can vary according to my students’ needs or as a consequence of unfavorable weather conditions.

A regular day of lesson has usually this time table: meeting at 08:30, at 09:15 beginning of the lesson, at 16:00 lesson end and transfer to the hotel (or another place according to the parents’ needs).



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